The Global Studies Program

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Global Studies majors are “global thinkers” in every sense. Global Studies courses examine the connections between nations, institutions, and peoples and the trends that shape our lives. The Global Studies (GS) program provides students with the chance to understand the complex processes of globalization and the multifaceted nature of current global phenomena, such as climate change, cultural identities, grassroots social movements, disease epidemics, gender dynamics, and increasing economic inequalities. GS is an interdisciplinary program, where students learn directly from professors across fields of history, political science, language, literature, sociology, anthropology, and beyond. The Global Studies major is built around intellectual curiosity, not disciplinary walls.

With a diverse array of courses to choose from, Global Studies is highly flexible, allowing students to tailor the program to match their interests. GS majors and minors acquire analytical skills, research experience, and a breadth of knowledge that enable them to contribute to the rapidly evolving global community. The GS program prepares students for careers that require an interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary global cultures, politics, economics, and history. GS has a strong track record of placing graduates in a wide range of exciting positions and graduate programs, including placements in international business and finance, international organizations, public policy, and research and academia.